Suzanne Huisman


According to Suzanne, it is only natural that she has “soap in her blood” since she comes from a carwash family. For her parents opening a carwash was fueled by a dream. Her father’s life-long wish was to build a carwash site with every feature he could imagine. Six years ago, her parents set out to realize that dream. Today, their carwash has a 50m tunnel, 20 vacuums, four self-serve bays and a roll-over for higher vehicles. “And, it’s not finished yet,” Suzanne adds.

“A year after my parents opened the carwash I decided to quit my job and join the family business,” she recalls. “My daily operations varied and included marketing, customer service, basic engineering and, of course, washing a lot of cars.” It didn’t take long for Suzanne to realize that this was the industry for her.

Working seven days per week, attending trade shows and networking with others in the industry soon provided her with a passion for improving the conditions for other carwash owners in Belgium. “I started the Belgian Car Wash Association with other operators as a point of contact for government discussion and to help put an end to problems like illegal hand carwashs.” To date, the association has seen some early results and is now networking internationally.

Suzanne is also the European Business Development Director for PSD Codax, a position she took on last year. This role provided her with the opportunity to view the industry from a supplier’s perspective. “I have had a chance to visit several sites and learn even more about washing cars, how to run a car wash and the day-to-day struggles operators face. It is a pleasure to be able to assist operators and find solutions that make their businesses run as efficiently as possible.

Much of Suzanne’s life revolves around the carwash industry. Her day (and sometimes night) job is with PSD Codax, mapping the industry for automatic payment and management systems, her free time is spent working with the Belgium Car Wash Association, and she is still active at the family business. It is clear that she is passionate about the carwash industry.