Paula Shave

Grime Stoppers


My name is Paula Shave.  I'm 35, married and a mother of three.  I work as hard as my body will let me each day and I normally push beyond that.  People see 5ft and think, "there is no way she's gonna fix that." It's not about proving them wrong- its proving to myself that I can.

I grew up in a small town with a hard-working farm family.  Nothing is ever given to you, you must work for everything you have.  I am the 2nd of 4 kids.  My folks are still married after 45 years.  I've worked many cleaning jobs, household and vehicle detailing and I take pride in a clean vehicle.

I lost my job at a local dealership where I had been a detailer for 4 years.  I applied at Grime fighters because they were just building and getting in on the ground floor seemed like an incredible challenge to learn.  I was hired just as an attendant but have been managing for the last 2.5 years.

Every day has something special going on.  Whether it's running into a customer on site or off, hearing them say how they love to come into the wash, or having your bosses rave about the fact that they feel the wash is in good hands and they know that they don't have to pop in all the time is a good feeling.

For me it is not about "I am women hear me roar" it's, hey I'm calling please answer the phone.  This is a career and if you love what you're doing coming to work every day is a good feeling and your happiness will pass onto those that come through your business.

Reflecting on my career, I would have loved to have been more involved with the building of my wash.  Watching and seeing how things were put together and routed is interesting. I'm a hands-on learner and feel that if I could have been here while they were building this site, I might be able to troubleshoot small issues that come up. I'm not sure if this is a career that I would have ever sought out, but I am enjoying the challenges that this job comes with them.

One of the greatest challenges I face is - actually men.  Things go wrong and break and it's something that you've had to fix before but, yet they seem to question why you think that's what's broken and come and have a look before ordering you the part.

The future is bright and in the next few years I see myself building or running another car  wash. For now, I enjoy managing this store and making it the best experience for customers.