Pam Temko


Growing up in the family-owned business, Pam Temko has held almost every position at Dilution Solutions, a Dosatron International Inc. company. She has extensive knowledge of all the industries where the Dosatron water-powered chemical injection pump can be utilized.

Her father provided a big part of her training. “He wanted me to learn everything I could regarding the carwash industry,” she recalls. This education included trade shows, industry events, attending educational training for chemical representatives, and visiting carwash sites. “By speaking with the carwash owners, I have been able to find out what type of equipment they need to get cars as clean as possible while using the smallest amount of chemicals and water,” says explained Pam.

Pam received her MBA from Kennesaw State University and attended the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program. “Being a woman in a male-dominated industry comes with its own set of challenges,” she shares. “I’ve had to work harder, becoming educated in all aspects of the industry, and be ready to answer tough questions. I am proud of all women in the carwash industry, no matter what position they hold. They help to bring balance and new ideas to the table.”

Pam’s proudest accomplishment was the day her father appointed her CEO. “At that moment I knew he had the trust in me to continue to build the company, continuing with the high standards of providing the best possible equipment along with world-class customer service,” she says.

Moving forward, she sees the company continuing to grow and provide complete chemical solutions. “Not only chemical injectors but systems and accessories that enhance installations. The future is unpredictable with the possibility of autonomous cars with sensors detecting their environment. We have to be ready to serve carwash owners with up-to-date equipment to meet their needs,” Pam explains.