Monday, June 22ND

This unique and interesting approach is now the focus of a Harvard University Business School case study. This presentation will:

  • Determine community safety factors which relate to actual and perceived vulnerabilities for users of the property
  • Determine measures and design applications which will enhance the safety and security of the store location for normal and abnormal users of the property
  • Get a better understanding of how to develop key internal & external stakeholder partnerships through Loss Prevention lead community engagement initiatives with Crime Stoppers
  • Learn how crime prevention applications can help reduce incidents of crime, while also enhancing your organization’s brand reputation
  • Turn antisocial behavior into a revenue generator while reducing crime incidents
  • Expand your understanding of how to combat store-specific crime issues and learn how doing so can positively contribute to your company’s bottom line


This will be followed by DiSC® Profiling

Nancy Schmautz – The DiSC® profile will help you improve interpersonal communications and connect with your staff, coworkers, owners, management, etc. more effectively. Is there one person in your life that you simply don’t get on with? Someone who does things so differently from you and you don’t understand why? Your DiSC® profile will help you understand your own personality, how you like to communicate, how you come across to others, and why others behave as they do so you can meet in the middle and communicate clearly. The DiSC® profile can be used in recruitment, assessment, building team advantages, improving communication, coaching and training, client relationship management and sales strategies.

You will leave with a DiSC® Classic 2.0 booklet and much more. We will be discussing all the personality types and, time permitting, doing a role-play exercise. This is a life-changing, positively charged workshop that is not to be missed!



A Toast to Women in Carwash an inspiring Keynote Presentation by Paul Krismer that sets the tone for the entire conference.

Get a blast of personal and corporate well-being and learn about the research results that reveal a surprising relationship between happiness and success as you learn about The Serious Business of Positive Emotions.

Meet up with friends, make new ones, and enjoy a drink accompanied by an abundant selection of appetizers. Come away with simple, applicable skills that will fuel your personal happiness and create positive contagion amongst the people you influence.



Tuesday, June 23RD


Tuesday will begin with a plated breakfast and introduction of the morning two-part session on the leadership qualities in highest demand for the 21st century.


Part I: Women in Carwash: The 21st Century Demand for Woman Leaders

Part II: the 21st Century Demand for Woman Leaders Workshop

Paul Krismer and Amy Boudreau will pick up where the keynote presentation left off with a highly original, progressive and inspiring presentation – Women In Carwash: The 21st Century Demand for Woman Leaders. Paul created this presentation specially for the January 2020 Arlington conference and with Amy, will build on the theme for this coming June. This uplifting, funny presentation gets right at the heart of great opportunities while insightfully demonstrating that the path forward lifts everyone – both men and women.


Following the presentation, Paul and Amy will facilitate a workshop-style discussion to apply the lessons from the presentation. This workshop will focus on:

  • Identifying the actions that lead to the success of women in particular in the carwash industry
  • The importance of emotional intelligence
  • Impacts of perception and misperception
  • Determining mentoring and leadership strategies to continue to strengthen the success of women in the industry


Lunch will fuel you up to learn how criminals think and a Crime Stoppers hosted session will educate guests about the increase in human trafficking and how victims might be walking amongst us.



Think Like A Criminal: Emerging Trends in Carwash and Prevention of Human Trafficking

Sean Sportun and Amy Boudreau – As changes to technology become more complex and systems reach new levels of innovation, criminals find new and creative ways to commit crimes.

Get  the police ‘inside view’ on robberies, break & enters, thefts, frauds & scams and the emerging opioid crisis. Learn all about Toronto Crime Stoppers and their efforts to create community awareness on Human Trafficking, while getting insight on proactive measures your staff can take to identify signs of this crime.


Inspiring Women Panel Discussion



Attendees will enjoy a Niagara Falls boat tour followed by a very special dinner at the family owned Casa Mia Ristorante.




Wednesday, June 24TH

We begin the final day with another great breakfast, followed by a lively talk by Paul Krismer to round out the conference.


Leaders as Role Models: Stepping Beyond the Limitations of Management.

Paul Krismer – Capping of the conference, the concluding session ties us back to Monday evening’s Keynote presentation and Tuesday morning’s session with a focus on transformational leadership.


Many leaders come to their roles as a function of their expertise in a specific subject, but leadership requires more than job-specific skills. Leadership is a way of being. This talk asks us to de-emphasize what we individually know about leadership and asks us who we are as leaders.


Men and women who influence the behaviour of fellow staff can learn a mindset that shifts them from overseers of business processes to genuine leaders regardless of their place in the structure of the organization – seeing the big picture, articulating the direction toward its realization, and embracing their team in a collaborative and committed mission. Transformative organizational change occurs when bosses are coaches who lead with emotional intelligence and profound personal integrity.


Applying a Data Lens To Your Operations.

Jennifer Henderson discusses some key elements for your wash.


What does it mean to be “data-driven” in the car wash

industry? What are the key metrics that matter for your business –

what you should or shouldn’t measure.  Why, and how?

What are the data trends that will shape the next five years and beyond? How can you position your business to capitalize on them?


Lunch and farewell



Niagara Falls, Ontario

June 22–24,  2020


International Conference – Niagara Falls, Ontario – June 22–24, 2020


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