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Nancy Schmautz

Management Consultant


My name is Nancy Schmautz. I am a Management Consultant specializing in Business Plans for emerging businesses, feasibility plans and business planning in Western Canada.

I live outside Calgary with my husband; enjoy travel, acrylic and watercolor painting, motorcycling and our family time.

My career started with Nova Corporation as a Surface Landman, negotiating pipeline easements and landowner relations. I was the first licensed female Landman in Alberta.  That morphed into creating and managing our own company, TD Industries for 30 years. TD was an equipment manufacture and service based company specializing in the carwash industry. Starting in the carwash industry was an opportunity back in the 80's that presented itself to us. The growth of our company to 30 employees and 5 field offices across western Canada and acquiring top shelf chemical and carwash equipment manufactures was a journey that was rewarding and challenging.

There were many proud moments along the way, President of the Western Chapter of the Canadian Carwash Association, Director on the CCA Board, Finalist in Entrepreneur of the Year - Prairies, Top Distributor of the Year - Turtle Wax, Ted Snyder Award, 2005, CCA Association and many more highs. The top moments were our high growth, doubling revenues each year, gaining corporate accounts, engineering improvement in our manufacturing process and building a new shop for our business.

There are lots of opportunities for women in this industry. Whether it is in management, sales or operations, nothing is beyond your reach. There are education opportunities or learning by mentoring and immersion. It is a knowledge based industry based on strong relationships. Your knowledge is fully transferable to other companies and remember; that you own it. My reputation was one of the most important strengths that I had along the way. Along my journey, I created the Western Chapter of the CCA, sat on the CCA board of directors, sat on dozens of think tank sessions with companies and went back to University at 40 years old. You have to create the opportunities, then business and people attract to you.