Profile video of Moose Country Petro-Canada in Whitecourt, Alberta

Megan Reuteman

Moose Country Petro-Canada

Megan Reuteman has been working at the Moose Country Petro-Canada in Whitecourt, Alberta since she was 12 years old. In 2012, after finishing university at Grant MacEwan with a bachelors in management. She and her sister, Hayven Granger, partnered up to run the family business which consists of a full-serve fuel bar, vehicle and cylinder propane, convenience store, automatic touchless carwash, and three hand-wash bays for their parents.

While this was never her first choice for a career growing up, she is glad she chose to stick with it. The business has provided her and her family with everything they need to live and more. Megan is also proud to say that she's a second-generation business entrepreneur.

While the family has received a few awards and recognition over the years through Petro-Canada and the local community, their best moments occur every day when a customer compliments them or tells them why they love their store and carwash. "That is the best feeling and validates that we are doing something right," she says.

"My main advice for other women in the carwash industry is to make sure everything is in working order. Even if you have the oldest carwash in town or your carwash isn't technologically advanced, customers will continue to use your carwash if they know that it is reliable," Megan shares. She also believes that you need to have a good support system. Whether it is your family, spouse, or a trusted supplier, it is essential to have someone that you can call for a helping hand.

If she had to start or open another carwash, Megan says she would make sure that it is up-to-date with modern technology as their car wash doesn't have much of that in place. A water recycling unit would complement their environmentally friendly products and reduce water waste.

The two challenges that they face all the time are not knowing how to fix something themselves, which leads to the equipment being down for longer than they would like, and customers not respecting the equipment they are using.

In the next five years, Megan hopes to start a family of her own and perhaps have a future generation to take over. She and her sister will also continue to focus on ways to improve the business and continue to appeal to their customers' needs and wants.