Laura Edgmond

National Carwash Solutions

Laura Edgmond is the associate brand manager for National Carwash Solutions and resides in Des Moines, IA. She has a bachelor's degree in marketing and management. Her professional background includes three years in the retail industry and two years in the carwash industry.

Laura believes the carwash industry finds you - not the other way around. "I was seeking a position in a company with rapid growth and this is an exciting time to be in the car washing industry. It is constantly evolving and growing," she says. Her position gives her the opportunity to travel to car wash events and tradeshows and gain knowledge from experts in the field. In her first year, she had the opportunity to plan and organize the ICA show presence for National Carwash Solutions. "It was a great time for me. Managing a trade show exhibit is hard work, but it feels great to watch it all coming together," shares Laura.

One piece of advice she would like to give other women in the industry is to never let a male-dominated field intimidate you. The important thing is to find something you are passionate about and pursue it, even if it's not a "glamourous" industry. "As I look back, I would honestly not change anything about my experiences in the industry. I think a retail background was a great experience for me straight out of college. I grew and learned a lot. Now that I am in the car wash industry, I can take my background and experience and let it help me grow in the marketing position that I am currently in," she says.

Car washing is a very complicated beast, from types of systems to business models.  Is, it is more complicated and in-depth than most people ever imagine. Laura also advises women to "never turn down a learning opportunity, always search for answers and don't be afraid to ask questions". Laura truly loves working for National Carwash Solutions. She has learned so much since joining them. As she continues her career, she would like to learn and grow in her current position, for new and innovative ways to help NCS and herself.