Jennifer Pimental

Valet Car Wash


Jennifer Pimentel began working in the car washing business 23 years ago. Her close friend, Steven, was managing a Valet Car Wash business and was searching for someone to run the front desk. A single mom at the time, Jennifer seized the opportunity. "While it didn't start out as a family business, we made it one," she says.

Being hired as the site manager at the new Brantford location has been an opportunity she will never forget. The biggest challenge she sees in her line of work is that some people still hold on to the misconception that women don't understand cars. Although the job can be trying at times, Jennifer loves her position and wouldn't change a thing.

When asked what advice she would give to other women in the industry, Jennifer says, "Just go for it!" For her, seeing the satisfaction on her customers' faces makes it all worthwhile. "I see people light up when they first see their cars; it brightens my day. I love that feeling," she says.

The future looks great for Jennifer. She is now 45 years young, married with two girls and plans on continuing to work for Valet Car Wash. After all, why leave when you are happy doing what you do?