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Jaclyn Kennedy-Dossantos

Valet Car Wash


My name is Jaclyn Kennedy-Dossantos and I live in Cambridge, Ontario. I enjoy watching and playing baseball. I'm a clean freak- hence why I work in the car wash industry. I have taken immense pride in my vehicles since the day I got my license and was a young customer at Valet Car Wash years before I started my career there 14 years ago.

My background Includes working in the customer service industry from the age of 15, starting out at the fast food restaurant McDonald's for 10 years and working with them until I completed college.  I worked my way up the ladder from being a crew team member, trainer, swing manager to assistant manager. I credit McDonald's for giving me the opportunity to learn great leadership & management skills.

I was approached by a former co-worker to see if I would be interested in working at the Valet Car Wash, which was an entirely different field for me and they were in a dire need of some management team members.  I was hired in April 2004 as an assistant manager and was later promoted to Store Manager. In 2012, I was named Area Manager/Operations Manager, responsible for two sites. I made the switch from the fast food industry to the car wash industry to try something new and learn new skills.

My best moment in the car wash industry occurred when I was recently recognized for the Cambridge WOW Exceptional Customer Service Award for December 2017. I was nominated alongside another team member, my Mom Melanie Kennedy, for displaying excellent customer service, always smiling, showing upbeat enthusiasm and being recognized for being the face of the company. Although we were not chosen as the overall winner for 2017, it was a great honor to know that customers recognize the dedication we put into delivering a great car wash experience.

My advice to other woman working in the car wash industry is to be confident in knowing what you know. My biggest challenge working in the car wash industry is overcoming the stigma that woman may not know cars as well as men. Fully understanding how a car wash functions helps me feel confident in dealing with any situation.

Over the next few years, I would like to move into the operations or administrative side of the business. As the Valet Car Wash Brand continues to grow, and with more locations being added, I would like to help oversee new sites and utlize my experience and skills to help other store managers succeed in the car wash industry.