Gina Elachi

Gina Elachi has owned and operated a complex station with a car wash in her hometown of Burlington, ON., since November 2017.

She entered into this line of work several years ago when she began working in the family business. Over the past 19 years, she has worked at various Pioneer locations. She credits this time with Pioneer, (a division of Parkland Fuel Corporation), for providing her with valuable experience and the confidence to operate her station and car wash.

Gina's advice to women in the car washing business is to remain open to gaining additional experience. "Don't ever be afraid to get your hands dirty and don't be afraid of operating a car wash business," she says. "In this industry, you face many challenges, but with training, experience and perseverance you will overcome them.

It is important to love what you do, and Gina is blessed to be doing what she loves every day. "It is always satisfying to see our customers happy and to know that I'm building positive relationships with them," she says. "Parkland has been great to me. If I had to choose a career again, I would choose another career at Parkland every time. In fact, if I were given the opportunity to operate a bigger, more complex location, I would not hesitate."